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How to enter the Zebra Awards, black and white photography competition


8th Zebra Awards – Black and White Photography Competition

Celebrate the very best in black and white as well as monochrome.

[watermarked]_DSC00694_web [watermarked]_DSC_9558a Peter ELEVELD's Snake Skeleton

Welcome to our 8th Annual Zebra Awards, hosted by TZIPAC. We are seeking our very own TZIPAC Black and White Photographer of the Year.

Black and white photography is as simple as it is complex, carefully weaving streaks of  light into the black-unknown, giving rise to lines, shapes, textures, emotions and stories. TZIPAC is proud to celebrate this magic of black and white photography with The 7th Zebra Awards. With great prizes up for grabs (please see below), we hope The 6th Zebra Awards will bring to light the marvellously diverse and vibrant visions of black and white photography from many amazing artists worldwide. “Dodging and burning are steps to take care of mistakes God made in establishing tonal relationships.” Ansel Adams

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The 8th Zebra Awards is opened to any photographers who are 18 years and over. The competition will not distinguish between professionals and non-professionals.

How It Works

The 8th Zebra Awards’ entry process is split into two stages.

Stage 1 entry fee is just $1 per image with the judging being carried out by the TZIPAC Editorial team. The very low entry fee is designed to encourage a broader range of artists to participate, in the hope of discovering a multitude of marvelous artworks from budding undiscovered artists as well as established professionals, without geographic boundaries or limitations. Achieving a status of Stage 1 Accepted will allow you to promote your artwork with our simplistic E-badge.

All Stage 1 Accepted images will be invited for ongoing submission to Stage 2 at a cost of $20 per image, with the total fees capped at $100. Stage 2 will be judged by our specially invited Juror(s) whose scores will determine the Finalists, Category Winners and the TZIPAC Professional and Non-Professional Black and White Photographers of the Year.

TZIPAC look forward to seeing and showcasing the diverse and numerous artworks that will be submitted and the passionate flares and creativity of participating artists.


29-February-2020 ( GMT -05:00 )


  • Abstract and Contemporary
  • Architectural
  • Fine Art and Open
  • Landscape and Nature
  • Nudes
  • People and Animals
  • Photojournalism/Documentary


Images must be in JPG/JPEG format, 8 bit, 1500pixels on the longest side, 72 dpi, and have maximum file size of 500KB. Colour space should be gray scale, RGB or sRGB.

Images must have no border, nor marks or logos identifying the artists.

All images must be monochrome, i.e. gray scale or toning with just one colour. The colour space can be gray scale or RGB. All images which are not strictly monochrome will be disqualified on judging.

Enter 8th Zebra Awards

Join us in this celebration and share your black and white, monchrome arts. As the competition is hosted by TZIAPC, you will be taken to our TZIPAC website where you can create an account and enter. 

Enter 8th Zebra Awards
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