The 9th Zebra Awards

International Black and White Photography Competition

“Time”, Uwe Langmann, Grand Winner, 1st Zebra Awards

Calling For Entries

Celebrating the very best in Black and White, Monochrome photography

“Dodging and burning are steps to take care of mistakes God made in establishing tonal relationships.” Ansel Adams

Welcome to our annual Zebra Awards – we are seeking our very own TZIPAC Black and White Photographer of the Year.

Black and white photography is as simple as it is complex, carefully weaving streaks of  light into the black-unknown, giving rise to lines, shapes, textures, emotions and stories. TZIPAC is proud to celebrate this magic of black and white photography with the Zebra Awards. With great prizes up for grabs (please see below), we hope the Zebra Awards will bring to light the marvellously diverse and vibrant visions of black and white photography from many amazing artists worldwide.

Grand Prize

International Black and White Photographer of the Year

$3000USD Cash Prize

TZIPAC Medal in a beautiful rosewood presentation box

Medals, Badges and Certificates

There are downloadable medals, badges as well as certificates for our winners to proudly share their achievements. The Grand Winner also gets to receive our exclusive  3 inch medal in a beautiful rosewood display box. 

The Zebra Awards Annual Book

The Annual Books showcase the award winning artworks from the Zebra Awards in a beautiful book presentation format. 

You will find the grand winners, as well as all the categories winning images. Many of the finalists will also be showcased across all categories, providing plenty of inspirations and admiration for the beauty of black and white photography. 

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